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4/9/09 01:29 pm - bebopsamurai


Come in, make some requests, spread the word.  Let's keep this baby going :)

4/16/08 11:04 pm - catiechu - Fic

Title: An Odd Place
Pairing: Azula/Katara
Words: 1,741
Summary: Katara finally comes to terms with her sexy fate! Surprisingly this is not much of a coming-out-fic.

( How good of fate to deliver this unforeseen kindness. )

3/3/08 07:34 pm - im_not_at_home - Dawn

Title: Dawn
PG/PG-13 if you're a prude
Word Count:
Western Air Temple spoilers, submitted to avatar_contest for prompt: mistake

12/29/07 12:25 pm - azulastemper - More Azutara goodies

It's so quiet in here! I most post lots!

12/27/07 08:32 pm - azulastemper - Azutara goodies

Forbidden Moment part 3-4

What if Azula and Katara had a kid? I wander what that kid would look like...

11/19/07 02:30 pm - azulastemper

Azula and Katara at the capital's bay

10/13/07 07:00 pm - fire_lord_azula - Much love for Avatar's female OTP!

Greetings, Azutarians!  I've liked this pairing for quite some time, so I decided to join.  Probably long overdue, but better late than never...  I'm known as "Fire Lord Azula" on FanFiction.Net, and "Fire-Lord-Azula" ( hyphens... ) on deviantART.  I've written several stories for this glorious pairing and would love to do more.  All of them are on the dark side, as is my portrayal of Azula.  I actually don't know how to write light-hearted Azutara 'fics, so...

Title:  Forbidden Touch.
Pairing(s):  Azutara.
Rating:  PG-13.
Spoilers:  Told from Katara's POV.  Katara finds herself amidst a barren wasteland, pressed for information by our favorite golden-eyed sadist.
Warning(s):  Brief depictions of violence and molestation.

Title:  And Fools Shine On.
Pairing(s):  Azutara.
Rating:  PG.
Spoilers:  Katara finds herself daydreaming about a certain Fire Nation Princess.  Confused and lost in a torrent of unfamiliar emotions, she questions why she would abandon her loved ones for her hated enemy.  She may never find the answer.
Warning(s):  None.

Title:  Pretty Noose.
Pairing(s):  Azutara.
Rating:  PG.
Spoilers:  Katara's betrothal necklace becomes the catalyst for eternal bondage.
Warning(s):  Katara-angst.
I'm doubtlessly my harshest critic, but I actually like this one.

Title:  Got You Where I Want You.
Pairing(s):  Azutara, with a hint of Kataang.
Rating:  PG.
Spoilers:  Azula finds herself growing jealous for the first time in her life.  Go figure.
Warnings:  None.

10/13/07 10:02 pm - azulastemper

Title: Forbidden Moment part 1-2
Rating: PG-13 (parts 3 and 4 will be R or higher)
Disclaimer: Don't own Avatar The Last Airbender
Summary: What happened to Katara while she was captured by Azula in Ba Sing Se?

8/3/07 03:14 pm - katalyst

Thanks to LJ's... LJ-ness, I'm going to ask that all posts in this community be friends locked from now on. I'm also wondering if we should try and enforce an 18+ rule or not. >.> Ideas?

(and in case you want to know what I'm talking about... http://bubble-blunder.livejournal.com/78727.html )

8/1/07 08:01 am - katalyst

I... all of a sudden, I turn around and we have members! *blinks* I don't remember that happening o.o; Haha. Oops.

Uh. Welcome. XD I'm Kat, your friendly comm owner. You've seen catiechu wandering around... she's the other moderator. We're both obsessed with Azutara. I'm not sure there's anything else to say~. Love each other, respect all life, and don't run with your spears? ♥
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